Discovering Talent,

Organising Auditions and Promoting Your Brand Has Never Been Easier!

For Talents

The #1 platform for talents to be discovered in Africa.

With mAudition, you can participate in several competitions given that you are eligible to participate in the competition. You can join a competition easily without the stress and difficulties associated with live auditions.

For Scouts

mAudition's simple yet sophisticated platform makes managing your talent easier than ever.​

With Advanced search, mAudition allows you to search for talents based on classification which can be age group, gender and talent category among others. As a scout, you can also bookmark a post of a talent for future reference.

For Brands

mAudition makes it simple to cast the perfect talent for your project.

As a brand, mAudition affords you the luxury of creating competitions without having to worry about location, security and logistics involved in setting up a competition, as competitions can be created quickly by getting in contact with the mAudition team.

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mAudition app helps you discover hard-to-find talent,
seamlessly manage your audition process & uniquely
promote your company’s brand to millions of customers.

For Viewers

As a viewer, mAudition affords you the luxury of browsing through at
your convenience (whenever, however, wherever) different entertaining
content of talents showcasing their ability.

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