Introducing mAudition

mAudition is the platform trusted by talent scouts and corporate brands to discover unique talents for projects and social initiatives. We remove the problems of transportation, security  and logistics associated with hosting live auditions.

mAudition allows talented individuals to grow a fanbase, participate in several competitions and win amazing prizes. All you need to get started is your mobile phone, a heart full of talent and your mAudition app.

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As a brand, mAudition affords you the luxury of creating competitions without having to worry about location, security and logistics involved in setting up a competition, as competitions can be created quickly by getting in contact with the mAudition team.

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As a scout, with mAudition you can easily source for talents on the platform with the use of the advanced search feature without having to physically roam a city with the use of the advanced search feature.

With Advanced search, mAudition allows you to search for talents based on classification which can be age group, gender and talent category among others. As a scout, you can also bookmark a post of a talent for future reference.

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As a talent, with mAudition you can participate in several competitions given that you are eligible to participate in the competition. You can join a competition at your own convenience without the stress and difficulties associated with live auditions such as commuting (moving from place to place), waiting in line till it’s your turn. 

To join a competition, all you need to do is install the mAudition app, open the app, go to the competitions tab, search for a competition, and upload your entry to join the competition. mAudition makes it very easy to join a competition and showcase your talent.

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As a viewer, mAudition affords you the luxury of browsing through at your convenience (whenever, however, wherever) different entertaining content of talents showcasing their ability.