Introducing mAudition: The Nigerian-Owned Mobile Audition Platform

In Blockbuster movies, when the lead actor gets thrown out of a moving car, he jumps up, dust himself off and continues to run after the bad guys. This was not the case when Toyosi (not her real name) was robbed at gunpoint and thrown off a moving vehicle on her way to audition at one of the biggest TV-based competitions in Nigeria.

It takes a certain level of determination-cum-doggedness to continue on that journey and Toyosi was not letting a few miscreants derail her lifelong dream of performing on the biggest stage.  

At the venue, casting and auditions went on till midnight, and like many others, she didn’t get a chance to showcase her talent. Distraught and defeated, Toyosi swore never to undergo such an ordeal ever again. 

In narrating the events to her older brother (who is now a co-founder of mAudition), she fought back the tears, and her disappointment was palpable. Fola Amoo thought to himself that there must be a better way for talents to audition without putting lives and limbs at risk. 

It hurt him, even more, when Toyosi pronounced the death of her ambitions.

He sat and asked himself, “ Is there no better way to do this? Can competition organisers do the first level of an electronic or mobile audition before the final stage which is aired live?” 

Different Problems, Same Solution

Audition platform for Everybody

In a different and unrelated event, Bolaji Olagunju, Executive Chairman of WorkForce Group, could not contain his displeasure at the lack of preparedness shown by candidates during an employability skills program for graduates.

The employability skills gap was enormous, and it mirrored the report by IK Muo in his PhD research thesis. To plug the skill gap, Bolaji Olagunju called in his head recruiter and jointly decided to run the employability skills development program for graduates. 

A few weeks later, the company sent out invitations to the identified candidates, but most of them were not interested in attending the program. The few who showed interest requested that WorkForce Group cover their transportation costs to and fro from the training venue. This hugely disappointed the co-founder, and he lost interest in the program.

After a couple of weeks, another company put out an advert for graduates. This opening requested for graduates who were skilled at dancing to hire them for an event for youths. The advert announced provisions for 20 people, but over 2000 people showed up. Dumbfounded, Bolaji Olagunju was left in a state of shock as to how unemployed graduates are more interested in dance opportunities than attending training which improves their chances of getting employed. 

At that point, he realised his prior definition of talent only focused on employment and didn’t capture people’s core interests. Neither did it make room for creative talents as an avenue for sustainable employment.

Fola Amoo was visiting Lagos when he rang up his old friend, and they decided to have lunch together before he returned to Abuja. Over bountiful platters laid before them, Fola narrated his sister’s demeanour to his friend. Still seething over the events, he began to talk about how there must be a way to pre-screen talents before the live shows, how it will save people’s time and reduce security risk, how it will save the organiser’s money.

It was over a beautiful lunch Amala on one side and Jollof rice on the other that the idea for mAudition was born. After several months of iteration and development, the mobile audition platform is available for download.

mAudition – The Best Mobile Audition Platform

Introducing maudition

mAudition was created to be a multi-sided, content curation platform designed to enable talented individuals to showcase their abilities to scouts and brands across Africa, and also help talent scouts and brands easily identify, assess and select talents for their projects & social initiatives. 

The mobile app was developed by a group of young technology enthusiasts working from ZoneTech Park in Lagos. mAudition was created as a mobile audition platform to make the technology available to as many talented individuals as possible for them to share their best 1 min video clip; to entertain, inspire, uplift, encourage and bring joy & hope to other people. 

By doing these, they get the benefit of adding value to people, showcasing their talent on a global stage, and the opportunity to win money for themselves or their desired cause. For mobile viewers and consumers, mAudition exists as a 360-degree entertainment platform showcasing engaging content from music stars to contortionists.

mAudition for Everybody

For Talents

With mAudition, you can participate in several competitions, become famous and win massive prizes. You can join a competition easily through the mobile platform without the stress and difficulties associated with live auditions. All you need to do is upload your entry and choose the competition. mAudition takes away the stress of traditional auditioning and casting processes which costs time and money.

For Viewers

mAudition is that mobile platform that affords you the luxury of browsing through at your convenience (whenever, however, wherever) unlimited entertaining content of talented individuals showcasing their ability. mAudition also grants you behind-the-scenes access to the audition process.

For Brands

mAudition makes it simple to cast the perfect talent for your project. As a brand, mAudition affords you the luxury of creating competitions without having to worry about location, security and logistics involved in setting up a competition, as competitions can be created quickly when you contact the mAudition team. Learn more about mAudition for brands here.

For Scouts

mAudition’s simple yet sophisticated platform makes managing your talent easier than ever. With advanced search, the mobile audition platform offers features that allow you to search for talents based on classification, which can be age group, gender, talent category amongst others. As a scout, you can also bookmark posts of talents for future reference.

Abel’s Transformation Story

On a sunny day in December 2019, the first set of open contest participants were hosted to an afternoon of entertainment, education and collaboration. The winners were recognised and awarded with prizes worth over 500,000 Naira. 

Abel, a street dancer from Akwa Ibom, carted away 250,000 Naira for winning the freestyle competition with his exquisite dance moves. Through this platform and the publicity that followed, Abel has gone on to score contracts for more brands that require his services.

What next?

Whether you’re a uniquely talented individual or you are simply looking for premium entertainment, mAudition is available on your mobile devices. 

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Download mAudition
  2. Signup with your email or phone number
  3. Upload your videos

That’s it! Now, just look out for our Weekly Contests while you enjoy entertaining content.

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