mAudition Freestyle Challenge Winner, Nwamaka Osu, Shares her Story

After a month-long sickness and a “bad heartbreak” in 2016, Nwamaka discovered her songwriting prowess in addition to her lifelong singing ability. 

“Writing was a good distraction from everything that was going on. For two months on the bed, I went from never writing to discovering how much of a good writer I am”

Her friends often tease that she is even more passionate about singing than what puts food on her table, being a lawyer. Nwamaka likes the law practice, but it’s a job. Singing is her passion.

“If I wasn’t born in Nigeria, I wouldn’t have gone to college. I’d have focused full-time on my singing and even gone to music school because that’s my thing.”

Her Path to Winning on the mAudition Freestyle Challenge Was Not the Typical Journey.

Ordinarily, I would never do anything to put me in the limelight but my near-death experience, being on my sickbed… I was so scared to never be heard or known. It was at that moment that I developed the courage, and I realised it was okay to put myself out there.

Then, an opportunity came knocking.

I was on my phone when someone sent a message to one of the groups I belong to. He sent the message you get just before voting for competition starts, and I wondered what it was about. I downloaded the app, and fortunately for me, there was an ongoing competition.

So, he was canvassing for votes and you just…

Well, yeah…

Did you have any doubts?

Nah, not really…I just thought what’s the worst that could happen. Besides, they didn’t ask for any payment or the rigorous process that comes with live auditions. So, why not?

You uploaded your video…

Yeah. Actually, I made that video specially for mAudition. I had a pre-recorded video, but the lighting wasn’t so great, so I just did a new one at home.

How many tries did it take?

Hahaha…that was the fifth one! My friend was helping me, and he was either recording from under or cutting off my head. It was until the fifth try that I got that video.

It was at this point that Nwamaka realised how much effort is required to win an online competition.

That was the tedious part. After the first two days of not doing well, I started to freak out! If I were an outgoing and social person I guess it would have been much easier but because I’m a lawyer, I belong to very serious professional groups. So when I send the message to them, they’ll be like who’s this unserious person that’s singing?

How did you overcome this?

I did emotional blackmail o. My secondary school and university groups, I sent them a voice note. It was silly, but it worked. 

Hahaha wow

I told them that if they don’t vote, we’re never speaking again. You know voice notes bang differently than text. They started responding and saying “aww, we’re sorry” “we didn’t see it” “let’s do it for her”. 

So you were monitoring the progress?

Yes o. It was impossible not to monitor sef because I kept getting the Top Gainers notification. My colleague in the office, I held her neck and was like “We need to worrrkkk! We have to do something!”.

Nwamaka was home when the email notification came in.

I was sooo excited, even though it wasn’t the first prize. I jumped and shouted “Oh my Goooddd! Yess!” Then I called people that have been helpful; my friend and colleague. They were really helpful. They put the message on their school groups and everywhere else.

The adrenaline rush Nwamaka felt on reading the email made sure her hustle and determination to win were well worth it. 

2020 is the year she intends to take a step further in her music career. In her words, “my music career is in a cupboard somewhere, but this year I would have at least one single”. 

Nwamaka has over 30 completed songs written in a book somewhere in her house. Some songs are very personal and might never be heard publicly while for others, she has envisioned some popular musicians bringing her words to life.

The step to quit law and face music fulltime is a big one, not to be rushed but with inspirations like Folarin “Falz” Falana to look up to, it is not a fool’s errand.

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