mAudition Testimonial: Imoleayo Won 500,000 through Dance

Three hours before the competition deadline, he made a decision that will change life as he knows it.

Dance had always been an essential part of his life, and in December 2018, he decided to take it a step further by creating a dance group.

I just felt that with this talent that I have, I should be able to teach more people about dancing”

By January, the following year, his group had grown to have six members including himself acting as lead dancer, choreographer, director and semi-manager.

Imoleayo did not believe mAudition, a company he had never heard about, was offering such impressive prizes.

A friend told me about it, and I did not take it seriously. I was just like “Wow, who are these?” To be honest, I did not believe it.

In My Words – Let’s Hear from Imoleayo

So what changed your mind?

I don’t know. I just remember running down to my friend’s place on the day it was supposed to end. I asked him to help me upload the video. My video went through only 3 hours before the competition closed.

Your video. You already had a video?

Yes. We always have videos from our practice. The video I uploaded, we just did the recording four days before. It was in the middle of the street. We have a manager that helps us record during practice.

What happened next?

We started looking for votes. It was not easy, I swear. I told my crew members that all of us have to put in the work. So we went and talked to our families, friends and everybody. We just spread out and got votes.

The magic email blew his mind away, and it was fasting and prayers till the D day.

Actually, we got the email two days before, and it said we were part of the top 3 winners. We were so excited, and we were invited to come to the event. We started praying so much that everything should work out fine.

…and the event?

It was beautiful. There were all these talented people, and I was just grateful that we made it to the top three. I was so excited just to be there. God bless mAudition. It was not easy.

What did you do next?

Wow…before we left the event I already posted it online that we are winners and Thank God and God bless mAudition. People started calling me and asking what we did and what it is about.

I’m just grateful, and I told them that other competitions would come up.

Imoleayo is just 23 years old, and his dreams are just starting to come true. Expanding his dance group and teaching more people about his art remains a top priority. 

I remember when I went to meet a top boss in the industry. I asked him to introduce us into competitions, and he just told us point blank “You’re not up to the standard”. That day was unforgettable.

I just said “Okay” and went back to my crew. We worked even harder, won several competitions and eventually, the same boss was at one of those competitions.

As Imoleayo says, “now we’re going to bring more “light” into this crew”. He means better costumes, better video production and properly packaged displays on stage. 

The prize we won from mAudition has been the best

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