Project Joy Competition: Result of the Talent Competition

The much talked about Project Joy Talent Competition has finally come to an epic end with 3 winners chosen alongside a recognition award winner for stellar performance.

Prizes worth over N300,000 were disbursed however, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, a virtual award ceremony was hosted on the official Instagram page of mAudition. Winners were invited to for a short discussion but first, this is how it all started.

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The Beginning of the Talent Competition

mAudition, Nigeria’s best mobile auditioning platform decided to show support, share joy and change the narrative around the pandemic from one of a dire outlook to one of joy, happiness and new opportunities. 

The mobile platform was created to be a multi-sided, content curation platform designed to enable talented individuals to showcase their abilities to scouts and brands across Africa, and also help talent scouts and brands easily identify, assess and select talents for their projects & social initiatives.

It is truly a 360-degree entertainment platform which showcases a fine array of talents and engaging content from music stars all the way to contortionists.

Since the app was released on the Android platforms, mAuditiion ran several mini-competitions to make sure the app was ready to take on the massive inflow of talented Nigerians. 

Before the lockdown and on a sunny day in December 2019, the first set of open contest participants were hosted to an afternoon of entertainment, education and collaboration. The winners were recognised and awarded with prizes worth over 500,000 Naira. 

Abel, a street dancer from Akwa Ibom, carted away 250,000 Naira for winning the freestyle competition with his exquisite dance moves. Through this platform and the publicity that followed, Abel has gone on to score contracts for more brands that require his services.

winning the freestyle competition

Launching The Project Joy Competition

Following much anticipation from talents across the country, mAudition decided to embark on a journey of easing the effects of a total lockdown in major cities. Social media was rife with grumbles, curses, anger and depression; mAudition decided to step in.

As part of our contribution and goodwill efforts in these bleak days, we positioned the brand as a beacon of hope and joy. We provided a stage where people can entertain others and be entertained in return.

A platform from which they can engage with the world and inspire others. We gave people a platform which empowers them to put smiles on people’s faces and provide them with a reason to stay alive.

It was easy as ever to join the #ProjectJoyCompetition:

  • Download the mAudition App
  • Signup with your Email or Phone Number
  • Search for Project Joy Competition
  • Click the Join button
  • Upload your video

On the 3rd of May, the platform was open to submissions from all talents across Nigeria and the world. During the submission phase, we saw entries from musicians, dancers, poets, instrumentalists and several others.

By the submission deadline, we were encouraged to extend it for a day just to allow more people to participate in the contest. Over 200 unique talents uploaded their one-minute video to the competition.

Voting commenced immediately after. mAudition is built on an algorithm that allows the best performing videos to win in competitions based on how viewers interacted with them either by watching, liking, commenting on and sharing the videos.

A special segment of the app named Top Gainers frequently updates the best performing videos. This helps talents monitor their progress and excites viewers of the competition. In the near future, other methods of evaluation such as judges and polls will be added.

The Big Announcement

The 13th of May in 2020 started out like every other day for the winners. At mAudition HQ, their names had been mentioned more often than Twitter trending topics like COVID, Lockdown and Ramadan.

From the far side of the room, we could hear the excitement burst out of the phone speaker as the Community Manager made the phone calls to the winners. Jummai, who won the grand prize, was so excited we feared she might drive down to the office.

winners of the project joy talent competition

On social media, we put the word out for viewers to join us live on Instagram for the announcements and the tension was palpable. First, there were no responses then a flurry of comments came pouring in. Social media influencers picked up on the story and it was a wildfire.

Olamide Olawale handled the announcement with the poise of veteran TV host like Ebuka with a sprinkle of African satirical legend, Trevor Noah.

Although some winners struggled to join the competition due to poor internet connectivity, others received their prizes with grace. Although not one of the competition winners, we saw an exceptional performance from a vocalist and we decided to encourage her with a recognition award.

Simultaneously, co-founder of mAudition, Squadron Leader Fola Amoo was being interviewed on live television on TVC News.

The mAudition Talent Competition

We have lined up a hoard of competitions to follow the #ProjectJoyCompetition. Starting soon we will have a competition running every 21 days. Winners will cart away prizes of up to N300,000! You could be one of the 24 lucky ones!

If you can sing, dance, tell stories, do some magic tricks; we’ve got something for you. Each competition will last for a total of 21 days which means you have just 10 days to record and upload your one-minute video and you get another 10 days to allow your buddies to watch, like, comment on and share your videos. On the 21st day, we will announce the winners of the talent category as well as the next competition.

Contests Categories

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Comedy/Short Storytelling 
  • Instrumentals
  • Modelling
  • Art(Time-Lapse)
  • Voice-over
  • Freestyle 

Your Next Step…

Whether you’re a uniquely talented individual or you are simply looking for premium entertainment, mAudition is available on your mobile devices. 

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Download mAudition
  2. Signup with your email or phone number
  3. Upload your videos

That’s it! Now, just look out for our mAudition Talent Competition whilst you enjoy entertaining content.

Download mAudition

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